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The official launch of the Festive Season Campaign and the Commemoration of the Africa Road Safety Day

The annual festive season road safety campaign which will run until mid-January 2023
was launched to negate or mitigate the impact of any negative externality that is likely to occur on the country’s national road network during the festive season.

The Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Eliphas !Owos-Oab, emphasized the importance of their operations in promoting road safety, enforcing traffic laws, and providing emergency response efforts to save lives. He expressed the readiness of stakeholders to face this significant challenge with renewed energy and dedication.

Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, honourable Veikko Nekundi, spoke at the launch event and highlighted the anticipation of a high number of accidents and casualties during the festive season due to increased vehicular traffic on most roads. The government called upon citizens, law enforcement agencies, and road safety practitioners to work together towards safer roads in Namibia, not just for the festive season but also in the long run. The goal is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities by 50% by 2030, urging stakeholders to unite in achieving this target.

According to the country’s Motor Vehicle Fund (MVA), during the campaign, the Fund will ensure increased emergency response capacity on the country’s main highways; activate the new emergency medical response base that has been necessitated by the lack of paramedics services; first responder awareness will be conducted and the Fund has started to roll out its Green Dot Programme which deals with public transport passenger safety in the six high crash regions, among other measures.


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