Welcome to the official corporate website of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) of Namibia. On this website you will find information pertaining to the NRSC as a statutory body created by section 2 of the National Road Safety Act, Act 9 of 1972.

Among others, you will also find information pertaining to our mission, vision and value statements. The aim is to provide a portal where the general public can obtain official information on the NRSC and road safety management in Namibia. In addition, the site will provide a clear dichotomy of roles assigned to all functional agencies involved in road safety in Namibia so as to dispel the on-going confusion as to who is respons...

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The NRSC is mandated to collate and analyse road crash data in the country in order to identify underpinning causes and suggest the necessary remedial interventions to improve the situation. As part of this effort, the NRSC has produced separate reports on the road safety situation in the coun

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Road safety tips and Facts


  • The driver in an alcohol related crash is not the only one who suffers.
  • Often innocent pedestrians, cyclists, passengers or other road users are killed or seriously injured in a crash.
  • At half the l

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