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7th Annual Road Safety Conference

The National Road Safety Council is mandated to promote road safety in the Republic of Namibia as per Section 2 of the Road Safety Act, Act 9 of 1972. In terms of the same Act, the Council is mandated to hold Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops highlighting the road safety problem and creating awareness.

The 7th Annual Road Safety Conference (23-25 February 2022) was held against the backdrop of the second Decade of Action (DoA) Strategy (2021-2030), which was developed through a consultative process in 2020. As a result of a combination of factors that included budgetary constraints and COVID-19 disruptions, the sixth annual conference was conducted five years ago in 2017.

The annual event serves as a platform for road safety practitioners and key stakeholders within the sub-sector to share experiences, ideas, and best practices that are in line with the National Road Safety Strategy.

Replacing and building upon the first DoA Strategy (2011-2020), the second DoA, with “Zero Deaths and Serious Injuries” as its Vision, is underpinned by five strategic pillars, Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Mobility, Safer Vehicles, Safer Road Users and Post-Crash Response.

Considering the above, the 7th annual conference was convened with the aim to track progress in the implementation of the 2021-2030 Decade of Action Strategy. The objectives of the conference were to review the implementation of the 2021/22 Action Plans; develop 2022/23 Action Plans and generate relevant resolutions to accelerate progress in the implementation of the second DoA.

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